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children's dental health month

We are excited to celebrate Children's Dental Health Month (February) and share some dental information/education with your students!


See the following three video links below.


Video 1a: What is a dentist? (0:00-8:50) + Dental Office Tour (8:51-19:18) (2021)

Video 1b: Dental Office Tour (2024)



Video 2: "Thumbs up, Thumbs down" interactive game: Help Dr. Annie and hygienist Kelsey and their kids decide if a food/drink is good, or not so good for their teeth!




Video 3: Book read-a-long. "Meet Michael's Dentist."

Happy Children's Dental Health Month!


Dr. Annie and her children, Eloise and Franklin (2021)

Kelsey (dental hygienist) and her daughters, Esther and Ida (2024)

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