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COVID19 Office Policy

Dear parent/caregiver,

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take time to read through this information. We NEED you to know what you and your child(ren) can expect at their next dental visit due to the changes resulting from COVID19.

Not only has COVID19 had a profound impact on our day-to-day activities, it has also substantially changed the way we can safely perform dentistry.

Pediatric dentistry is unique in that we care for and interact with your child, but also you as their parent/caregiver. We have been working diligently to ensure that our office is prepared to open in a safe and responsible manner, with not only your child in mind, but you as well.

With guidance from the Iowa Dental Board, the CDC and OSHA, we have implemented enhanced protocols that promote the health and safety of our patients, parents and staff. Here is what you can expect at your child’s next dental visit:

  • We will be pre-screening all patients AND their accompanying caregiver. A text message will be sent a few days prior to the appointment, confirming the patient and caregiver are healthy and have not had any recent COVID exposures. 

  • When you arrive, please call 563-382-6259 to check-in from your vehicle. All office doors will be LOCKED to prevent unnecessary foot traffic.

  • We request only one (1) caregiver to enter with a patient (1+1 rule). We are no longer allowed to have siblings without an appointment that day in the office.

    • If you have multiple small children who have an appointment, a second caregiver can be present.

    • You are welcome to bring a second adult to remain in the car or the entryway (also has seating) with other children, if necessary.

    • If your child is old enough, you may have them enter by themselves if you prefer to wait in the car or need to due to other siblings that require care.

  • All children and caregivers must wear a mask or face covering. This will be removed while active dental care is performed.

    • We understand this is not always possible, especially for very young children or patients with special health care needs that will not tolerate a mask. Please try your best to have your child wear a mask, if possible.

    • If you do not have a mask, our office will provide you with one.

  • We will text or call you when we are ready for you to come into the office. A staff member will unlock the door and greet you. When you enter, we will:

    • Provide face masks (if you are not already wearing one of your own)..

  • Our waiting room and checkout areas are going to look a little different. Chairs have been spaced apart the necessary 6 ft. and we have removed toys and hard to clean objects (magazines, etc). "Sneeze guards" have also been installed. See below:

  • Please note that parental presence during procedures will be limited to only those patients where it is absolutely necessary.

    • Depending on your child’s age (infants/toddlers) or if your child has any special health care needs, parental presence is required. We will work with you to make sure you and your child are comfortable, safe, and cared for appropriately.

  • Before your child's appointment, please help them brush! This will help in two ways:​​

    1. Less plaque present helps decrease the need for us to perform "aerosol generating procedures," in order to complete a thorough cleaning. ​

    2. Helps us evaluate how brushing at home is going and if there are any areas for improvement.

  • After your appointment is complete, we ask that you please report any signs or symptoms of COVID19 within the 14 days immediately following the appointment.


Changes with our staff:

  • Our staff will be wearing increased levels of PPE, so we may look a little (or a LOT) different than you are accustomed to!


Which means we look a lot like astronauts! Here is a little preview of what you can expect when you see us:

I would encourage you to show these pictures to any child(ren) who have an appointment.  Pediatric dentistry is largely based in the practice of “tell-show-do.” We tell a child what we are planning to do (in an age appropriate way), we show them with pictures or with the tools we have, and then we do it! Acceptance of treatment goes up tremendously when you follow these steps.


We need your help to explain, again, in an age appropriate way, the “tell” and “show” parts of why we will be looking differently now. We will have our pictures on cleanable badges, just to help remind your child(ren) of what we "normally" look like! It is our hope, with just a little preparation, you child won’t even think twice about these changes!


We thank you for your patience and understanding while we begin this “new normal”. With your help, we are confident we can provide the level of dental care you are accustomed to in the safest way possible.


Thank you!

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